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Set Mo - White Dress feat. Deutsch Duke

A wanderlust journey between a dream and the real world, following the memories of a lost love and how things used to be. Featuring local indigenous dancer, Jasmyne Mehrton-Johnson (ex Bangarra Dance Company) performing a routine with a picturesque purple sunset. Directed by Steven Mileski.

Rolling Stone presents Yesterday! with Graveyard - Episode One

That's the genesis of Yesterday!, our new all-access documentary series created in partnership with James Adams and local creative production company Kaleidaskohp.

For the debut episode we spend the day with Swedish hard-rockers Graveyard, as they pre-load on pale ales and top-up their tattoos ahead of their Oxford Art Factory show in Sydney last night.

Now playing at Rolling Stone Australia.

Scott Dooley - DEBUT (Official Trailer)

In April of 2014, we followed Scott Dooley around Sydney and Melbourne to film Scott perform comedy, appear on TV and Radio for publicity and just hang out with his grandmother. Scott invites you on the road and provides a candid insight in to the life of a new Comedian, as Scott hits the stage night-after-night for his debut comedy festival. Directed by Steven Mileski and Scott Dooley.

Red Wine Roses 'King of the Sea'

We worked closely with the boys from the Red Wine Roses to put together a straight-forward performance clip, with a little story at the beginning to tie the film all together. We accessed an old abandoned pub on the South Coast, hired Al as our bartender for the opening skit, and broke a few too many glasses - all in the name of science... I mean, art.

Camilla SS15

A look behind the scenes of what goes on to create a collection campaign for one of Australia's, if not the world's, most iconic fashion labels, Camilla. A slow-moving hyperreal dream sequence filmed at a high-frame rate to give us an oceanic fluidity and free-moving flow.

Dine at Mine TVC

Working closely with Camp Quality and our friends at Goldfish & Finch, we were tasked with responsibility of producing, filming and editing a package of TVCs and Radio Spots for the campaign leading up to the fundraising event. The overall brief was to demonstrate that anyone can participate in Dine at Mine at any capacity; be it a BBQ after the game, lunch at the office or dinner with friends and family.

Charbon & Miami

Charbon & Miami wanted a film that portrayed the mysterious & confident attitude associated with those that wear the brand. The film takes the viewer on a journey of wonderment and curiosity as it follows the main subject without overtly showing off the product. Focusing, instead, on the desirable and aspirational lifestyle of the brand.

'esCarpade' TVC

Camp Quality wanted a new TVC that portrayed the "anything can happen" ethos of the esCarpade event. Kaleidaskohp proposed the idea of shooting esCarpade entrants preparing for the long journey in slow-motion alluring to an aspirational and luxurious brand. Before the TVC reaches its crescendo, it is propelled forward in to a real-time wide shot of a broken down car being pushed across screen revealing the call to action.

Camilla AW14

A look behind the scenes of what goes on to create a collection campaign for one of Australia's, if not the world's, most iconic fashion labels, Camilla. A blend between fast, slow, atmospheric and rock, the video showcases Camilla's collection in a disjointed and sporadic energy with tranquil undertone.

Viktoria + Woods

A multicam setup with one locked off on Lindy to provide clean cuts and overlays for post-production, and another camera focused on detail shots. This, with the collection's lookbook images, was designed to be a fast-paced creative collaboration, instead of just another ordinary behind the scenes fashion video.

Fashion Week Australia

Kaleidaskohp's film crew followed Mark Vassallo for three weeks as he turned idea into reality for Romance Was Born, Camilla, Vanishing Elephant, Emma Mullholland, and Camilla & Marc. Our crew used varied techniques, angles, and equipment to take the viewer out of the audience and onto the catwalk with the fashion models. Our post-production then added unusual edits, sound production, and treatments to complement each label’s varying aesthetic and identity.

Oyster Magazine

Kaleidaskohp's film crew worked with a high-speed camera to juxtapose fast frames with intense slow motion. Mirrors, lights, and varying props were also brought in to create reflection, looming landscapes, and a bleak setting. Kaleidaskohp’s editing crew further brought this to life with negative, pixelated filters and jarring sound production. The result was a surreal, futuristic world where nature reigns supreme over its doomed inhabitants.


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